Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lost cleveland fox8 bloggers

Shout out to the "lost" fox8 bloggers from cleveland! We may have to migrate to a site like this. Leave me a comment here


  1. Hey Dprin. It's the Polar Bear. I've set up my own thing now, called Polar Bear's FrozenIceDenSexyBlogThingy. Check out my first post, it is the same as my last FOX post.

    I LOVE this new site. It let me say bullshit without replacing it with a BLEEP!! I can finally speak uncut and uncensored. Look out!!!

  2. Dprin,

    How are you? Are you having fun with this site? I'm following your blog and Polar Bear's too! I've made a link on my blogger site to your blog site and Polar Bear's too. I tested them, and both links work! If you'd like to check my site out, you can click onto where it says "mystere's moonbat slayer club said", and you'll link over to my site. I took the liberty to get a copy of your avatar picture to make a link...same with Polar Bear's avatar picture. I wonder who else is going to join up? I've been having fun with my own site for months now! Rock on Dprin! Also, rattrapper knows about the sites; sometimes he writes the blogs on my site anonymously with my full permission!

    "Mystere" aka "the moonbat slayer".

  3. One More Step Dprin: when you get in by clicking on "mystere's moonbat slayer club" said, you will end up in my profile area. From there, you can go to my blogs under "blogs I manage". When you click on mystere's moonbat slayer club, you'll get in. I hope your hubby's doing well!

  4. How ya doin' Dprin? It's been a while?

  5. Just checking in to see if you're still around.